Seeking the human element in emerging technologies.

I’m a technologist, software generalist, and proud geek, with over 12 years of experience using emerging technologies to develop 3D simulations, digital twins for remote operations, immersive training, VR/AR, gaming, robotics manufacturing, and automation. I have led multiple software teams and client projects, and am a strong advocate of good work culture.

As an avid futurist and space fan I am fascinated by emerging technologies and believe there is tremendous potential in these technologies and the benefits that they can impart on Earth and beyond. In this spirit I joined First Mode, a creative engineering company building “barely possible” solutions for technology’s most demanding frontiers, including clean energy, planetary exploration, and sustainable transportation systems.

I love to encourage interest in STEM especially for the upcoming generations, and have been a regular STEM mentor, presenter, and committee member for various organisations and events in Western Australia.

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